Car loan during probationary period

After a long period of unemployment, it is a relief for everyone to finally find a job again. The money worries become less and wishes can be fulfilled again gradually. For many people, a new car comes first after the financial shortage. Often this is necessary to reach the new job. However, one should carefully consider whether it may not be a good used car for the beginning, since the new job is also a trial period connected.

Car loan during the probationary period

Getting a car loan during the probationary period is not that easy as there is no protection against dismissal over this period. This means that the employer can decide against you from one day to the next. For this reason, when applying for a car loan during the probationary period, it is necessary to have a solvent guarantor with faultless Schufa. The estimated value of the vehicle is then estimated as a guideline for the amount of the loan, and the new or used car is considered attachable security.



An alternative to the car loan is the leasing of a vehicle, but also there, the credit rating and the economic conditions are scrutinized very carefully and one stands here again with a guarantor on the safe side. If you have to work outside the place of residence during the probationary period and stay there for several days, a car sharing or carpooling is a good way to get from one place to another. In this way you can save a small amount until the end of the trial period, which can then be used as a down payment for the new or used car.
In general, one should think about taking a loan very carefully and be sure that you can really pay the monthly installments. If this is uncertain or not the case, the guarantor will be held liable for payment of the installments if the non-payment is made. This is not only unpleasant, but can also destroy friendships and the family on top of that.

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